Our First Blog Post!

September 22 - 2021

We are trying something new!

This will be a place where the people involved with The Foundry will have a space to share some of their experiences. We hope that this will be of interest to you and give you a glimpse into some of the incredible experiences people have had being involved with The Foundry.

Without further ado, our first blog post:

Maybe its just a personal feeling, but waking up and seeing some of the streets of our town closed off brings anticipation!

In the early morning hours of August 30th, 5 cement trucks line the streets by The Foundry. If you have ever been around concrete, you will understand the significant chaos that comes with laying concrete. The pump truck rolls up and sets up the boom. The tire on the pump truck is flat - not how we anticipated starting the day. Soon enough, the tire repair truck rolls in to help with repairs. Next, the place and finish crew arrives with 10 people that are anticipating the day's job. They familiarize themselves with the site they have not previously worked on. Eventually, the first of the 5 concrete trucks rolls in and backs up to the pumper. The pumper quickly realized a plug in the boom! The operator and site crew jump into action and help where they can. Eventually the plug is clear, and the concrete begins to flow! 2 trucks later, there is an hour delay, which is not an ideal situation when working with concrete. We work together, and before we know it, we have 3 more trucks of concrete unloaded. The place and finish crew work tirelessly to get everything that was once chaos into a calmer atmosphere. As the pump truck closes up and heads out to its next job, the quietness enters as the final concrete is placed. The finishers carry on with their power trowels. The streets can be re-opened. The finishing carries on into the evening. The men take several breaks while the concrete sets and the last of the day's touches happen at around 8:30 pm. Everyone heads home for the night, and The Foundry is once again calm and quiet from what was once a chaotic day.

Over the next few days, the sealer is rolled down and a large saw is brought in to cut the control joints into the concrete.

For those who were involved with the 37 meters of concrete, The Foundry is grateful for your donations of finances, resources and time - we cannot than you enough!

This was a large step in our construction vision. This solid foundation will be there for the community for many years. Our journey is not yet complete. The Foundry will move ahead to the next step of our construction phase. If you feel that you would like to be involved, please feel free to stop by for a coffee and a visit, and lets chat!

Submitted by Andrew Seinen